Sunday School 

President Pastors Aid

K. Headen

President of Women’s Auxiliary

E. Lott

President of Kitchen Committee

W. Rucker

President of Ushers

N. Alexander

Head Usher

B. Morrison


D. Neely

Director of Community Affairs

C. Morrison

Health Ministry

Director of Music

D. Butler

President of Inspirational Choir

M. Upsher

President of Male Choir

C. Douglas

 President of Another Level

K. McClendon

 President of Gospelite/Hymn Choir

E. Douglas

 Director of Praise Dancers

K. Jordan

 Chairperson of Historic Committee

S. Alexander

 Chairperson of AV Ministry

J. Floyd

 President of Mens Ministry

A. Metcalf

 Editor of Newsletter

D. Moss

Chairperson of Scholarship Fund

C. Leazer

 Chairperson of Youth Council

C. Leazer

 President of Youth

J. Jordan

 President of Young Adults

B. Moss


B. McCauley

 Van Ministry

T. Rucker

 Bus Ministry

E. Barber