Deacon  & Deaconess

To assist the pastor, associate ministers, and provide spiritual leadership to the congregation.

Chairmen of Deacons: W. Moss

Vice-Chair:  E. Barber

President of Deaconess:  V. Carson

Vice President of Deaconess:


The board of trustees supervises and maintains all property belonging to Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective.

Chairmen of Trustees:  M. Neal

Vice-Chair:  F. Moss

Finance Committee

To plan, direct, and coordinate the financial activities of the church.

Chairmen of Fiance:  R. Brady

Vice-Chair:  I. Neely

Secretary:  L. Williamson

Assistant Secretary:  L. Rucker

Treasurer:  T. Rucker

Church Secretary

To perform administrative tasks that will support the overall function and activities of the church.

Church Secretary:  L. Douglas

Assistant Church Secretary:  A. Phifer

Church Announcers

To clearly and effectively deliver to the congregation the weekly of activities of the church.

L. Heiligh

K. Jordan

B. Marshall